Brewing More Than Just a Cup.

PMD started life on Brunswick Estate in Maskeliya amongst the tea and amongst the people who make tea.

We know what are some of the most crucial problems that affect plantations and the people that live and work on them.

To make 1 Kilo of our hand-picked tea it takes 80 plus workers. Our teas come from some of Sri Lanka’s finest estates. Each estate is unique, the soil, flora, fauna, weather conditions, elevations and most importantly the people are some of the things that are behind the taste and flavour of each tea.

Each estate has its own unique challenges and this is why when working with estates we look at what is most needed by that particular estate.


Moray Estate in Maskeliya sits at the foothills of Adams Peak. The estate is made up of a number of divisions. The very top division of the estate is Rajamalay.

Rajamalay contains seedling tea bushes that are over 100 years old. The bushes were laid down when Moray was first planted with tea. The tap roots on these trees are deep, they touch terroirs that newer bushes will not. Thus the unique flavour of teas from Moray is heavily contributed by the seedling bushes of the Rajamalay division.

For the people who live in the Rajamalay division, having access to ICT facilities means a 15Km journey through the winding estate road to the bus stop on the main road and then another 15Km ride into town.

We decided with the estate Superintendent that renovating an old weighing station on the estate and equipping it with computers would be beneficial to all living on Rajamalay. Thus the Moray Tech Zone was born.

The Moray Tech Zone today allows the young children of the division to have ICT lessons outside of school. The older pupils have been saved from the long journey to town to access computers so school work can now be conducted close to home.

All this is possible because of customers like you. Every cup of tea goes back to our communities. These are grassroots projects that impact deeply on the people and their lives.

So the next time you brew a pot of our hand-picked tea, know that you're doing more than just enjoying a great cup of tea.

Happy sipping | Dananjaya