PMD Expertise

The four foundations set the character of each PMD speciality Tea. The foundations help us with the creation of our rich aromatic tea. They all encompass the strong sense of place that each speciality tea is from, together with the rich long experience and history we have of working with each plantation.


The Maskeliya Valley under the Holy Adam’s Peak is the spiritual home of P.M. David Silva & Sons.

It is in this valley, that our founder P.M. David Silva ventured to and established one of the Ceylon’s foremost pioneering estate supply businesses, that feed the army of workers needed to care for the slopes of the world’s most sought-after brew.

Here for three generations we have laid deep roots that are at the heart of PMD Tea.


In the mid 1930’s at the height of the British Raj in Ceylon. Our founder ventured from Ceylon’s most southern coastal town to the highlands of the island.

On Brunswick Estate in the heart of the Maskeliya valley is where the foundation for Ceylon’s foremost estate supply companies was established.

Today almost 75 years later, and three generations on. We are still a family owned business, working with many of family descendants’ members that started with us, to bring you the finest flavours from our family home to yours.


Rare skills, specialist knowledge and some of the oldest wisdom in the world have been passed down through generations by our craftsman and women.

At the centre of all PMD Tea is the time-honoured tradition of skilfully hand picking two leaves and a bud. This hand picking ensures PMD Teas produce our signature bold mouthfeel along with our unmistakable aroma and flavour. The tea pickers of “leaf” are incredibly selective. Picking two leaves and bud is primarily responsible for the full flavoured richness of all PMD Tea. The concentrated flavours found in the tender buds once carefully harvested provide the distinct aroma and character of PMD Tea.

This meticulous attention to detail in hand picking is the starting point for all PMD Teas.


Provenance is at the heart of every sip of PMD Tea. In an industry where multi origin mixing has become the norm. PMD Tea’s serves single origin, where tea is not blended from multiple producer countries. Drinkers taste the effects of nature in that unique microclimate in creating that tea.

All Teas in PMD Tea, is natural and single origin. Only one producer country’s teas, its interaction with that climate and its people delivers the rich and natural flavours found in our teas.

Our teas offer provenance to a drinker, as opposed to multi origin blends, that carry a country that the tea is packed in. Great skill is required by the Master Tea Tasters to achieve consistency when tasting and selecting teas that go to make a PMD Tea.