Tennis and Tea. From Wimbledon to UVA

June and July are the key months for tennis in Europe, with both the French Open in Paris and Wimbledon in London.

Although it’s quite normal to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea at Wimbledon, the history of both Wimbledon and Sri Lankan tea goes back a long way, to the 1870’s. 

June and July are important tea growing months. It’s a critical weather period. The hope is for dry days and a strong north easterly breeze. These conditions mark the start of the Uva flavoury season for the tea estates found lying in the regions of Uva and Uda Pusselawa including the Planters range from PMD Tea. 

The Planters team will be working overtime to make sure that fields are kept in their best condition and that the leaf is handled carefully so as not to kill the leaf flavour. Many international buyers will be active at the Colombo auctions, bidding and buying for the most select grades for their businesses, 

View from Idalgashinna Gap in UVA

It is very rare not to find a tea planter on his estate at this time of year, however there was one exception. Patrick Francis Haddow, better known as Frank. During 1878 he had taken a summer holiday in London and entered the Wimbledon tennis men’s single tournament, and won it, and today he remains the only champion who has never lost a set. He never was able to defend his title, preferring to stay in the UVA estates managing this important period of the year.

However he did return 50 years later to collect a commemorative medal presented by Queen Mary for being the oldest living champion. Whilst we wait for this year's Uva season, be sure to try some seasonal tea from High Forest estate in Uda Pusselawa. It’s “tangy” flavour, with a light mentholated winter green note is ideal to enjoy whilst watching this year's Wimbledon Championship. 

We have limited packs of this  seasonal tea  so be sure to get some fast.