Uva Season

The region of Uva lies in the east of Sri Lanka, and is one tea growing region that we have underrepresented over the years. In addition, because they have a very short season when we have featured an estate it has sold out quickly because of limited availability. 

The “Merry Men of Uva” as the tea planters of the region are known, work hard during the short season to cultivate their world famous flavoured seasonal teas. 

The estates lie between three to five thousand feet (900 – 1500 meters) making it a region that has both high grown and medium grown teas. The estates produce tea year around, but it’s during the months of July and August, and occasionally into early September, that their sought-after seasonal teas are produced. During this time the east of Sri Lanka experiences a drought while the west is experiencing monsoon conditions. The drought coupled with the fierce wind that blows in from the Northwest of the island, originating in the Bay of Bengal known as the “cachan” winds, hits the tea bushes and it is this combination that forces the tea bushes to fight for their survival. They naturally produced volatile oils and compounds combined with the delicate hand-picking produces their famous Uva seasonal character that commands the highest prices. 

Malwatte Valey, the premier UVA tea growing region

Well-made seasonal Uva’s have a distinct mentholated wintergreen note and it is this specific flavour note that is in high demand with international tea brands for blending with poorer teas.

At the beginning of this week, I received an email saying that this year's Uva season had begun and that samples were on the way. We are now eagerly awaiting those samples and will be snapping up some teas for you to enjoy. However, unlike other tea brands we will not be blending allowing you to experience the flavour in its full glory.

Tasting a batch of seasonal UVA Tea

If you are interested, please email me at dananjaya@pmdtea.com and when they arrive I will be back in touch.