St James Uva Tea

A few weeks ago I wrote that the Uva season was in full swing and that estates were making seasonal teas. 
We have been trying multiple estates from all over the region to find a quality seasonal Uva tea that showcases the best of this wonderful region. 
From all the cups we tasted we settled on St James Estate that is found in the town of Hali Ella in Uva. From St James alone we tried countless different samples of the Pekoe and Pekoe 1 grades. Teas made on separate days, teas produced from certain tea bushes, teas produced from certain fields. Finally we have found a tea and flavour that we think would be perfect for our portfolio. 
St James Estate
The Grade 
We have chosen a Pekoe grade of tea. The larger rounder leaf allows for a lighter flavour, as many consumers will be trying this as a straight line and not part of a blend.The larger leaf makes for an easier introduction into the Uva region for first time drinkers. 
The smaller BOP grades of tea give a much stronger cup colour due to their smaller particle size. It’s ideal if used as part of a blend but the astringent flavours can be off-putting, especially for first time Uva drinkers. 

The Flavour 
St James has captured beautifully the famed “Winter green” notes that the season produces. From the Uva’s we tried St James is now producing some of the strongest “winter green” notes that neighbouring estates like Uva Highlands and Aislaby have captured.
The perfect weather conditions for seasonal Uva

Each estate is unique, producing its own flavour. The flavours from St James capture all the classic seasonal Uva notes whilst being approachable and drinkable for those who want to acquaint themselves with this region. 

We have bought a limited number of St James Tea from this season. If you are new to Uva this is certainly a tea you want to try. The “winter green” mentholated notes are produced nowhere else in the world. Colombo is full of Japanese tea buyers who crave that mentholated flavour and who know especially now given the unpredictability of the weather how special a good season is. 
If you have had seasonal Uva teas before then you know a good season is not always guaranteed, hit the link and stock up on some seasonal St James teas.