Lumbini White Steam Tea

Located in southern Sri Lanka is the family owned Lumbini Estate. It is close to the Sinharaja Rainforest which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the estate is known for making award winning teas. In 2022 at the “Leafies” competition, Lumbini’s Sinharaja Wiry Tips was awarded a “Highly Commendable”.

White Tea from Sri Lanka is called Silver or Golden Tips, and both are produced from the reddish coloured tea bush, commonly referred to by tea planters as “2043”. Whilst most estates will carefully hand-pick the bud and use the stem of the bud and the bottom two leaves to produce black teas, Lumbini harvests all of the 2043 to produce various varieties of White tea. 

When I tried White Stems at the estate earlier this year, I wasn’t immediately impressed. However the benefit of working directly with estates, is that you can provide feedback and changes can be accommodated immediately. The Lumbini team returned to the factory to tinker with the leaf. A short while later they were back. “Try this now” came the call and I tried it again. 

This time a pronounced chocolate note was present, very different from the flavours of apricot, hay, and melon that one might be used to tasting when trying Silver Tips. It was a great improvement.

 Bridging the gap between producers and consumers - with the Lumbini Estate owners

White teas have a subtle flavours and remind us to slow down. Their lighter notes require the drinker to concentrate when appreciating the nuanced flavours. The lighter notes coupled with low caffeine, make it a perfect brew for multiple infusions.

White Stems is the perfect tea to enjoy on a lazy Sunday. Its cup colour is extremely light whilst having a velvety mouthfeel with chocolate notes.

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