Save the World, Swap to Loose Leaf Tea

The Looser the Better, and Tastier 

During the Bronze Age, which was roughly 3000 years ago, humans were only just getting used to the switch in their lifestyle from hunter/gatherer mode to agriculture and food production. It was during this time that drinking tea became the rage. 

Over the last 3000 years, we have become used to enjoying the tea brewing process and allowing the leaf to fully develop its flavour and deliver that perfect cup of tea. It is only in the last 50 years that we have started to mess with the 3000 years of history through the introduction of teabags. Don’t get me wrong tea bags have their place, but as an expert in tea, I would always recommend loose leaf tea. It is just a better experience.

In the UK we use 61 billion tea bags, which is enough to cover over 31,000 football pitches, and most of these end up in landfill. That is not great, and we can do better.

Most tea bags use a method of tea production that is called “CTC” - Cut Tea and Curl. This method of production gives colour and strength to the cup of tea but does not allow the full taste of the region to develop. It is only when the tea is made in an orthodox method and brewed in a  loose-leaf state can the full experience be appreciated as the leaf is given space to unfurl and develop its full taste profile.


The environmental cost of tea bags is very challenging. Landfill space is precious, and the resulting waste and greenhouse gas emissions damage the environment.

Yes, a Tea Bag is cheap, typically 3p, but the 61 billion tea bags create a situation that we have to manage and can do just by switching to loose leaf tea. PMD’s most popular varieties are available as loose leaf, and I would recommend that you switch.

You won’t be disappointed, and you will be doing your small part for the environment. The used loose-leaf tea can then be added to your compost heap and improve your roses or vegetables. 

A PMD Customer tells you why you should move to Loose Leaf Tea