If you have been fortunate enough to have received a hand-packaged delivery from PMD Tea, this package would have been hand-packed by Radha and the tea in your teapot, hand-picked by her family.

When you have been in the tea business for as long as my family have, you tend to make family out of those people you work with and I can say with sincerity that the beating soul of PMD Tea is with the people who have worked with us from our transportation days through to the evolution of the business we see today.

Radha’s family lived on the Brunswick Estate in Maskeliya where we had our first estate shop. Brunswick was also the first transportation contract that PMD was awarded. At the time, Radha’s grandfather oversaw the warehouse and assigned the various chests of the estates prized tea.

To date, Radha and her family hold a very special place in the heart of PMD Tea forming the cornerstone of the flavour, aroma and character of each cup of PMD Tea.  Her aunt; Saroja, continues to work across the slopes of Brunswick Tea estate, skillfully hand-picking each cup of tea.

The tireless commitment to the trade is inherent in all those who pick tea as to pick just 1 kilo of tea, Saroja will have to pick 200 individual two leaves and a bud across the course of a day which spans 4000 individual hand movements performed by one single lady.

The family affair doesn't stop there with Radha’s brother; Raja, having driven our green lorries laden with tea that would be packed into PMD products.

Once the tea arrives in Britain, and your order from PMD Tea, Radha picks and lovingly hand-packs your teas.

PMD Tea has always been focused on the journey from the plantation to your pot so, the next time you take a sip of our tea, know that there is more than one family and story behind your cup. 

Happy sipping | Dananjaya