Earl Grey

The first mention of Earl Grey tea was in 1824 and it was associated with the idea of using bergamot to enhance the taste.

The name 'Earl Grey' is most often associated with the English aristocrat and Prime Minster Charles Grey who was a British Prime Minister from 1830 - 1834. 

There are numerous stories associated with the beginnings of Earl Grey tea, including one that concerns a diplomatic chest of tea that was being sent from China to the United Kingdom, for the Prime Minister.

During its stormy voyage, a bottle of bergamot oil cracked open and seeped into the chest infusing the tea. Bergamot is a citrus type of fruit that grows predominantly in the southern Mediterranean. When it arrived back in the UK and was offloaded, the Prime Minister liked the taste and aroma so much that he asked the tea merchants for the taste and flavour profile to be mirrored and “copy the mistake” so that he could enjoy this unique flavour of the tea.

Well, that is the story we are going to believe.

Planters' Earl Grey Tea

Our Planters Earl Grey uses a bold low grown leaf. This helps the tea stand up against the natural bergamot oil that we use to infuse the leaf and create our signature flavour. 

For those of you looking for something with more of a citrus note. 

Our Planters Mistress is our scandalous take on “Lady Grey”. Lady Grey uses an Earl Grey base but with added Lemon and Orange, peel to magnify its citrus notes. 

Both teas make excellent cold brewed infusions and are perfect for enjoying on hot summer days.