The Field Run

A field round will see a tea planter visit a specific estate tea field on a given day to inspect the standard of work that has been conducted, or needs to be conducted, on a particular field. 

They are critical inspections, and crucial to the efficient and effective running of a tea estate. Typically they would inspect plant health, plucking standards, the condition of the roads, and the quality of the work being undertaken by the pickers, the field officers, and the junior tea planters.


Welcome to the Wanarajah Estate

A field rounds will usually consist of planters driving to a particular field and walking through the fields allowing you as a tea planter to intimately get to know the “lay of the land”. 

My time is usually quite limited on an estate and I use my morning run to get to know the plantation. A double benefit. 

Hit this link to see a video of my recent field run through the Wanarajah estate in Dickoya, to get to know the fields and what one can see when deep inside an estate. 

Adams Peak viewed from the Wanarajah Estate