PMD Tea: Why our tea is special

The global tea market is split in two. Those brands that are looking for volume and a consistent flavour for their brands that are honestly bland. Then there is a second group that is all about nuance, taste, flavour, time, care, and attention. That is us at PMD Tea. Yes, it does cost a little more, but it delivers a far superior cup of tea that is really memorable.

PMD buys its teas from specific estates we trust, and we fine tune the selection every season depending on the crop and growing conditions. Our business model is drastically different to the larger brands, and from what our customers tell us they enjoy that attention to detail. It does take effort and it requires me to spend time in Sri Lanka twice a year and we rely on the partners we have built strong relationships with over the last decades. But all of this means that you get a far better cup of tea and most importantly a fresher tea! 

Hand picked - always two leaves and a bud!

Many large brands will purchase tea that will sit for weeks in bulk storage, followed by weeks on a ship, then a long supply chain through the broker, to the wholesaler until it eventually reaches the consumer. A “fresh” tea for most companies would be a minimum of 9 months old. 

For PMD, from picking to shipping we aim to have all our teas ready for consumption within no more than 6 weeks.

Picked at source for superior taste and freshness

We appreciate that this does sometimes create supply issues and we try our best to work around those problems, but by working directly with the estates to create personalised signature flavours, we think this method supports the estates in Sri Lanka and delivers a better cup of tea for you.