Orange Pekeo Bundle

We have created an Orange Pekoe Bundle so that you can build your tea pallet and see how region, elevation, flora, fauna, rainfall and a whole lot more affect the flavour of each tea from a single estate. 
Indulge in the rich heritage and distinct flavours of Sri Lanka’s famous Orange Pekoe tea with our exclusive bundle offer. This curated collection showcases the diverse terroirs and unique characteristics of three different regions and tea gardens in Sri Lanka. To see my video taling about each of the teas click here or on the image  below.

The Bundle comprises:

Nuwara Eliya Region Inverness Estate Orange Pekoe: The Inverness tea garden lies in Nuwara Eliya. Growing at a high elevation, the tea fields are often covered in a swirling mist that lifts as the sun rises. Coupled with the high elevation and the eucalyptus trees that grow in the region, Inverness tea carry a hint of astringency.
Dimbula Region St Andrews Estate Orange Pekoe: Sourced from the Dimbula region, this tea boasts a heavier body with unmistakable rosy flavour. It's a true reflection of the altitude and climate of this renowned tea-growing area.
Ruhuna Region Berubeala Orange Pekoe: Cultivated in the low country of the Ruhuna region, this tea exudes a bold and robust character. The cup colour surprisingly is light orange and the flavour carries a sweet fruit flavour and spicy cinnamon note in the finish. This tea is best drunk plain without milk. 

By choosing the bundle you can immerse yourself in the flavors of three distinct regions, all from the comfort of your teacup. You can experience the expertise of generations of tea cultivation & craftsmanship and you can enjoy a variety that is a treat for the senses.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to embark on a journey through Sri Lanka's tea heritage.