Nuwara Eliya Region

Sri Lankan Teas are produced from seven agro climatic regions. Each region's tea has its own character and flavour that is shaped by the land it is produced in.

In this blog we explore Nuwara Eliya region which is is Sri Lanka’s highest planting region, sandwiched between Kandy, Dimbula & Uda Pusselawa.  What differentiates this region from the others is that it is set on a plateau. 

Sri Lanka’s tallest mountain Mount Pidurutalagala is found in this region. 

Teas here grow at 6000 ft above sea level, the climate is colder than other regions due to the elevation. In January and February temperatures can drop to as low as 2 or 3 degrees celsius. 

The higher elevation and the colder temperatures mean that teas grown in this region have a far lighter body to the cup than their lower elevation counterparts. The lighter body is not to be confused with the flavour in the cup though. The slower growth of the leaf on the tea bush means that Nuwara Eliya teas are known for the aroma and flavour. 

Lovers' Leap factory - situated at high altitude.

The region is known as the “Champagne of Ceylon Tea” and estates here are influenced by the western quality season. The wild eucalyptus and mint that grows in the area gives many of the teas here a natural astringent note to their cups. 

If you are looking to try Nuwara Eliya teas then we have teas from Lovers' Leap  and Inverness Estates

Welcome to the home of the 'Cleanest Tea in the World'! 

Lovers' Leap (a.k.a Mahagostotte and Pedro) produces some of the region’s best teas. It is one of the few estates in this region that produce a light yellow cup of tea. All most luminous in colour, Lovers' Leap has a slight astringent note and is perfect to drink with a slice of lemon drizzle cake. 

 The orange cups of Inverness Estate 

Inverness Estate  that is found on the fringes of Nuwara Eliya region towards Kandy has a deeper colour to its cup. Lift the lid once this tea is brewed and a freshly baked biscuit aroma is found. 

Teas from Nuwara Eliya are best enjoyed without milk.