A cup of chai

Chai is the Hindi name for Tea. Many of you would associate a cup of “Chai Tea” as a tea with a spicy kick to it. 


With Christmas just around the corner I have been enjoying a fair amount of our  Chai Cinnamon with a mince pie or two. But what makes our Chai Cinnamon and how do we make it? 

Well we first start off with a strong black tea, I like to use a low grown tea from Ruhuna region. The low elevation with the hot sunny days and Assamica tea plant produce a bold strong tea. Perfect for standing up to the blending with spices. 

The cornerstone of our Chai Cinnamon is Cinnamon. Long before Sri Lanka was famous for its Tea, the island was known for its spices and best known of all the spices is Ceylon Cinnamon. Which is completely different to Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon or True cinnamon was known from ancient times for its fragrance and health properties and has even been found in the tombs of the great pyramid of ancient Egypt. 

During the British era, Ceylon Cinnamon was secretly taken to India and then exported from India as the British were keen to protect the source of true cinnamon. 

After we add the Cinnamon we add ginger, cardamom and clove. All grown in the mid country region of Kandy. The mid country of Kandy has a mild climate, not as warm as the low country and not as cold the hill country it provides the perfect conditions for growing spices. 

The final ingredient is black pepper that adds a fiery note to the cup. 

Our Chai Cinnamon is best enjoyed when brewed for at least 4 minutes and paired with a mince pie or a ginger biscuit. 

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