Golden Tips afternoon tea at the Rubens Hotel, London. The capital's most expensive cup of tea. ITV NEWS



This might look like just a cup of tea but it's worth more than its weight in gold. Five times more in fact because the 3 grams of Golden Tips tea costs £500 pounds. Served at the Rubens hotel a tea this pricey needs a proper ceremony. First, it's weighed precisely, the water heated to 85 degrees, infused for three minutes on the dot and of course poured from a silver teapot.

This tea is scarce with the tea bushes producing one bud every 7 to 10 days – leading to very limited production.

Golden tips are a form of white tea and very tasty, but they do come from the same family of plants as your PG tips. They just cost 1,600 times more!

In case you were wondering, people have actually paid for it and enjoyed the tea at the Reubens Hotel.