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The Home from Home

The Home from Home

Visit any part of Britain’s former colonial countries, and you are sure to see a members club.


From the bustling city streets of Singapore to the remote hills of Ceylon, Clubs can be found provided a sanctuary for the colonial expat.

Visit Ceylon’s Up country and dotted around each district you will see Clubs that where set up to create a home away from home, a forever England.

The heart of Club life was the British passion for sport. Tea Planters being an active bunch of men would enjoyed sports as a way to unwind and socialise with other Planters.

During the 1850’s onwards clubs sprang up all over the hills, each taking its own distinctive flavour for a particular sport. A planter who had a passion for a particular past time could find a club that shared his passion.

For the keen cricketer, the Dimbula Athletic and Cricket Club (DACC) or Dickoya & Maskeliya Cricket Club (DMCC) better known as the Radella and Darrawella respectively. Offered picturesque setting for a days cricket and a great sporting rivalry between the two clubs.

From Golf at Nuwareliya, to Tennis in Maskeliya, there was a sport for almost any past time. The building of the Casterleigh Dam saw the creation of a Sailing Club in the mid 1950’s.

Aside from the sports the club offered the otherwise lonely Planter, a great social gathering. There where Burns Nights, Bridge evenings and fancy dress parties galore. Each night and event filled with plenty of Food and Drink.

If you’re visiting Sri Lanka, and heading to Nuwareliya be sure to check out the Hill Club. Its a step back in time to the countries colonial past. If your planning on dining at the club, then a jacket and tie for men and similar attire is required by ladies. (Who are now allowed to grace the club!)

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