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‘Thai Pongal’ the Harvest Festival

‘Thai Pongal’ the Harvest Festival

Today marks the start of Thai Pongal.

Thai Pongal is a harvest festival that is celebrated on a grand scale by the Tamils the world over.

The word ‘Pongal’ in Tamil means ‘to boil over’ and the milk boiling over from the clay pot is symbolic of abundance and prosperity for the household. Pongal signals the end of the traditional farming season, giving farmers a break from their monotonous routine. Traditionally, it is the festival of farmers who depend on Mother Earth, for a bountiful harvest of their staple foods.In Sri Lanka, the festival is celebrated in the North, the East, and the tea plantations in Central Hill Country.

The Plantations are the product of the British Colonial era. The present plantation workers are the descendants of migrants that where brought in from the Southern Indian states.

With the start of Thai Pongal it brings about a brief time of rest for workers in the plantations. PMD would like to wish a happy and joyous Pongal to all those celebrating this weekend.

Have a Happy Pongal!!


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