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Three Teas for your Valentine

The Valentine Selection represents three hand-picked teas to enjoy with your Valentine. Each of these teas have a deeper story which make it perfect for our Valentine selection which contains a tea for Love, Warmth, and Mischief.


Lover’s Leap Tea Plantation is found on the high mountain plateau of Sri Lanka’s premier tea planting district, Nuwara Eliya.

The estate takes its name from the waterfall that is at the heart of the plantation. Legend has it that a Sri Lankan Prince fell in love with a fair maiden and eloped to the jungles of Nuwara Eliya to be with his love. When his father, the King, summoned his men to bring home his son, the couple embraced and jumped from the waterfall leading to the area’s namesake, Lovers Leap.

In 1954, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh visited the Plantation and laid down his own tea plants. These bushes were harvested for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee and were served to guests at the official state banquets.

The waterfall and the water are integral to the plantation, providing sustenance to the tea plants and the people who live and work on the plantation.


The western slopes of the Dimbula district in Sri Lanka is where we grow and handpick the tea that forms the basis of our much-loved Radiant Rose. The higher elevations of these regions coupled with the bright sunny days and light evening showers produce teas that are mellow in flavour and create the perfect foundation for blending with Rose petals.

Kandy is home to Sri Lanka’s Botanical Gardens and is the perfect climate for growing the roses that form the basis of our flowery tea. Our Radiant Rose tea is the combination of skilful tea growing, artisan hand-picking and the art of tea blending.


Our scandalous take on a much cherished aristocratic classic. A light, golden tea scented with bergamot, orange and lemon peel that leaves the pallet feeling refreshed with a pleasant citrus flavour.

Planters’ Mistress is the fifth Tea in our Planters’ Range and is named after the pioneer tea planters. They were ladies from the estate or the local village, who taught planters the local language but also kept them company. Planters’ Mistress is our scandalous take on the Lady Grey Tea. A story that most definitely deserves a place on Lady Whistledown’s pages in the Netflix drama Bridgetown.


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