20 Chamomile Flowers Tea Bags – Light and refreshing. Clean and sweet.

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With a light and refreshing signature taste, Chamomile Flowers possess a clean and sweet flavour that finishes with delicate floral notes. At PMD, we select only the whole buds of the chamomile flower as it embodies a much more developed flavour. Chamomile tea is well known to have a myriad of health benefits and has been used to help cure patients stomach cramps and even help with insomnia.

It has been used in skin care for centuries, due to its active ingredient Bisabolol, which is said to enhance the appearance of dehydrated or damaged skin and restore suppleness to the skin. For hundreds of years, people have used it for medicinal practices, believing it to have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Because of its high panthenol concentration, it can effectively stimulate and promote the skin’s healing process and encourage healthy hair growth.

The name ‘Chamomile’ comes from the Ancient Greek words kamai (earth) and melon (apple). It’s an appropriate description as these delicate flowers thrive in almost any soil and have a sweet apple-like scent. It is a closely related cousin of the daisy, Chamomile’s yellow flower heads and white petals tend to track the sun across the day.

Technically Chamomile is not a tea as it does not come from a tea bush, but a herbal infusion or ‘tisane’, but to keep things easier we call it a tea.

Check out our loose chamomile flowers, here.

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