50 Planters’ Breakfast Tea Bags – The perfect way to start your day.

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Provenance is at the heart of every sip of PMD Breakfast Tea. In an industry where multi origin mixing has become the norm. PMD Tea’s serves single origin, where tea is not blended from multiple producer countries. Drinkers taste the effects of nature in that unique microclimate in creating that tea.

All Teas in PMD Tea, is natural and single origin. Only one producer country’s teas, its interaction with that climate and its people delivers the rich and natural flavours found in our teas. Our tea offers provenance to a drinker, as opposed to multi origin blends, that carry a country that the tea is packed in. Great skill is required by the Master Tea Tasters to achieve consistency when tasting and selecting teas that go to make a PMD Tea.

Our award winning Planters’ Breakfast Tea Blend is the perfect way start to your day. The tea has an excellent balance: bold and brisk it possesses a fantastic colour in cup and the strength to get you going at any time of the day. Grown on the western slopes of the world famous Dimbula region, Planters’ Breakfast sets the standard of how all Breakfast teas should be.

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