Black Tea

All Black Tea by PMD Tea is natural and single origin. With only one producer country, its interaction with that climate and its people delivers the rich and natural flavours found in our teas.

Our teas offer provenance to a drinker, as opposed to multi origin blends, that carry a country that the tea is packed in. Great skill is required by the Master Tea Tasters to achieve consistency when tasting and selecting teas that go to make a PMD Tea.

Whether it be a spicy Chai in India or hearty Breakfast tea in Britain, black tea is the most prized form of tea the world over. Black tea is noted for depth and complexity as it undergoes an extended fermentation process: sometimes for up to 2 hours. This extended fermentation caramelises the green leaf to a dark brown or black colour.

Our Planters’ Breakfast is not only affordable but more importantly it is an Award Winning Tea! For the more discerning tea drinkers, why not explore our Kintyre Oya and Connoisseur ranges?

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