Lovers Leap

Out of all the estates that Ceylon has to offer. Non are better known than Lovers Leap found in the Nuwareliya region.


Nuwareliya is a picturesque plateau that sits in the central hill country. This region is sandwiched between Dimbula to the west and Uva to the east. Thus Nuwareliya teas experience both quality seasons.


As we head into the western quality season with its dry days and cold sometimes frosty nights. The estates of the Nuwareliya region will throw out some of the finest teas that connoisseurs the world over will be eager to taste.


The estates in this region sit above 6000ft in elevation the highest point of the island Mount Pidurutalagala is also found here.


In Sri Lanka’s long and ancient history this region is relatively new. Its not until the pioneer planters came in search of establishing plantations and fortunes that the area was ever explored. Great White Hunters of the Victorian era, such as Sir Samuel Baker where some of the first men to take up residence in the area for sporting pursuits.


The region also became a summer retreat, similar to the hills stations of Simla and Darjeeling in India. During the hot and humid months of March- April.


This idea was spearheaded by the then governor Sir Edward Barnes who built himself a house. You can visit his house today, as its the Grand Hotel.


Nuwareliya’s best known estate is Pedro the estate that sells its tea under the name of Lovers Leap.

The estate bears it name due to the tragic story of two lovers who leapt from a waterfall, that is found on Lovers Leap division. The story goes that a prince fell in love with a fair maiden. The couple where pursued by the King’s men, the couple escaped to the remote region of Nuwareliya and after a final embrace took the plunge.


Whether the story is true or not, one Royal connection we can be certain of is that of the H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh who visited Pedro estate on a Royal tour of the island in 1954. The Duke who is the estate ranger of Windsor Great Park and a keen agriculturalist. Planted a bush on one of the estates divisions. Tea from the bush and the estate where served at the 2012 Diamond Jubilee banquet.


Our Lovers Leap Tea is a seasonal pick. The cup colour of this brew is light pale golden yellow. We tend to prefer the larger leafy variety of teas from Pedro as the flavours are much more subtle. The smaller leaf grades of Broken Orange Pekoe and Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings, tend to be much harsher and sharper and quite unpleasant when drinking alone.


With Valentines day fast approaching what better Tea to share with you Valentine than a cup of Lovers Leap? There’s more to this cup of Tea than you think.

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