3 x 50 Tea Bag Bundle

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Planters’ Breakfast Tea
Before English breakfast had its name, the early tea planters enjoyed its full-bodied flavours in Sri Lanka. The perfect conditions for creating that rich full taste are found on the western slopes of Sri Lanka in the Dimbula valley and this is where our single-origin Planters Breakfast is handpicked, blended and packed at source for superior taste and flavour.

Planters’ Earl Grey
The most aristocratic of teas are infused with the unmistakable aroma of bergamot. To balance the citrus you need a bold tea. Our Earl Grey is grown in the southern plains of Sri Lanka, where the soil conditions and humid temperatures make the perfect teas for Earl Grey. This is where we handpick and infuse the leaf with a drop of natural bergamot oil, to create the unmistakable aromatic flavour of our Planters Earl Grey.