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Sitting proudly above the town of Nuwara Eliya, Lovers Leap Tea Estate is steeped in tradition and legend. The Nuwara Eliya district is famed for producing the “Champagne of Ceylon teas”. The estate bears the name from the tragic tale of a young couple that leapt off a waterfall on the estate.

Lovers’ Leap teas are reputed for their delicate and elegant characteristics. The estate is home not only to tea, moreover, the abundance of eucalyptus, cypress trees and wild mint bushes give the air a pleasant mentholated fragrance. The tea absorbs the fragrances and when infused it bears a remarkable golden, light green infusion. The flavours are bright, crisp and clean with a pleasant mentholated undertone on the back pallet. 

An irresistible combination of high grown tea with rose petals to give a radiant, exhilarating infusion, with a perfumed nose, with flourishes into a sweet and floral infusion. A sophisticated tea, it can be drunk with or without milk, and is perfect for those lazy summer afternoons.

Our scandalous take on a much cherished aristocratic classic. A light, golden tea scented with bergamot, orange and lemon peel that leaves the pallet feeling refreshed with a pleasant citrus flavour.

Named after the pioneer tea planters, who kept “a sleeping dictionary”, these were ladies from the estate or the local village, who taught Planters the local language but also kept them company. Planters Mistress is our scandalous take on Lady Grey Tea.

If you love our Planters Earl Grey, Planters Mistress, with its extra lemon and orange zest, is a must try.