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Episode #043 Planters Green Tea

Episode #043 Planters Green Tea

Fitness and getting healthy seem to be what is on everyones lips with this start of 2016.

As you all know the PMD Team is hard at work training towards running the Hotelympia 10K. Click here to read Fitness in the Business.

Episode #043 of the PMD Tea Buyers Club focuses on another product that is on the top of everyones list. Green Tea. Although this weeks episode does not focus on the health aspects of Green Tea. We do revisit a tea from a previous episode.

We are constantly on the push to raise the bar with not only in finding new teas, but to constantly improve the ones that customers know and love.

Last year Eranga Egodawele from Seevali Hills estate got in touch via Facebook and forwarded us some samples of his lovely Teas. They where so good that we swapped our buying for Planters Green Tea to Seevali Hills.

While there was big improvement in his teas to what we were using, there was room for improvement. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long to see the improvement. This episode we look at the leaf appearance produced by Seevali hills and see what the effect is on the final cup for the consumer.

This leaf is tightly rolled and has a beautiful jade green colour. The final cup is a lot darker with a more potent flavour. Thank fully the same sweetness that hits you right at the tip of your tongue is maintained.

Watch the full episode below and subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up to date with all our latest episodes.

To learn more about Seevali Hills and their amazing tea click here.

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